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So called Broad Minded

In the recent times, we all are hearing that society is becoming lenient towards girl…they are “letting” them study and wear whatever they wish…

Please tell me who gave you the right to “stop” or “let” anyone do whatever they wish to do….or have the right to do??Who gave you the right to decide what one deserves or is capable of??

I mean are you seriously that much insecure and threatened by person doing what is their right that you restrict them from getting it?? Or now that people are opposing you, you want to make yourself sound good so you are “letting” people do as they wish by showing how lenient you are!! or broad minded you are!

To be honest you are nothing but a pathetic person who doesn’t have the guts to do something on his own and accept mistake…You hamper and restrict other person achievement to get your own success…


Recently, i came across a statement stating that takeoff is your choice but landing you have to do!! The statement is so meaningfull…You can choose whether you want to take off or not but once you take off…you have to land…either rough or smooth….

In our life, all that we wanna do is like take off…we have the choice whether we want to do or not. However, once we start we have to land, i.e., we have to finish the task..or quit in middle…

If we finish the task then it is safely landed and if we left in middle then we crashed….

Life doesnt give us choice in life lessons..we have to learn it…the only choice life gives us hard or easy way…so we either safely land or crash!!


Love, a four letter word, but very beautiful word…a word which gives meaning to life..a word which gives u that last strength and hope to fight for..a word which makes everything worth it…a word which makes a person smile so beautifully that nothing else can add beauty… a word which makes person forget everything else…a word that is the sole purpose of living….

To me love doesnt mean giving gifts or saying i love you…to me love means caring for the person unconditionally…to me love means loving the person even when that person makes u angry…to me love means accepting the person as the person is….to me love means putting that person before me…to me love means that person and that person means love to me…..


Today i was playing with a rubber band and i related a thought with it…so here it goes…we stretch a rubber expands…but after a certain limit is reached it breaks..and after that even if we try to fix it neither is same nor it has its old strength…

Similarly, the same can be applied in our daily life…we push ourselves daily so much in everything we do…in every relation that we forget that everything has a breaking point…

Sometimes…its better to leave things before they reach their limit before we completely destroy it

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